Welcome to Double Nickel Outdoors LLC where we have the finest “Made in the USA” products on the market. Double Nickel Outdoors is owned and operated by outdoor enthusiasts who share an equal passion for the woods and water. Whitetail deer hunting and musky fishing are the favored two recreations. Double Nickels combination of experience in the field and in the boat has given the staff great first-hand knowledge of whitetail deer and muskies.

Our Story

The name Double Nickel Outdoors was inspired both by the musky and the whitetail deer aspects of the business.  The ultimate trophy musky is 55 inches, or considered a “double nickel” in the musky world. The typical whitetail trophy is a 10-point buck, or in some areas, called a 5 by 5. Thus, the name Double Nickel Outdoors refers to the dual focus of manufacturing musky bucktail lures and food plot seed mixes for whitetail deer.

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