Food Plot Services

Great hunting memories take root from spring to late summer when the land is tilled and the food plot is planted. Hunters are discovering food plots can be a natural, economical, legal way to attract and hold trophy deer on their property. Double Nickel seed mixes provide the nutrition that leads to a healthy deer herd.  For those who don’t have the time or equipment to plant a wildlife food plot, Double Nickel Outdoors offers a full range of food plot services.

Food plot services include:

  • Brush hogging
  • Mowing
  • Spraying
  • Site preparation
  • Seed Installation

The food plot site preparation can be as simple or as complex as the customer needs. Double Nickel Outdoors offers site clearing of small trees, brush, and grasses. Large trees and stump removal will be subcontracted to a reputable excavation company, and Double Nickel crews will take care of the rest of the project.

Once the site is prepped, Double Nickel will take a soil sample to determine the soil nutrients. Fertilizers or lime can be added. If the customer prefers an organic method, Double Nickel will conduct a spring planting followed by a fall planting to get the soil in top condition.

Double Nickel tills the plots into a pulverized soil seed bed to ensure great soil-to-seed contact. For small plots under a half-acre Double Nickel broadcasts seed with a hand spreader and rolls it with a 4-foot cultipacker. A tractor and seeder are used for plots larger than a half-acre.

The Double Nickel team will recommend the best food plot services for the property, and the landowner has the final say. Contact Us today for more information about food plots or for a quote, 920-621-9699 or

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