Food Plot Seed

Trophy-caliber success starts with land habitat quality and a healthy deer herd. Creating bedding areas and planting food plots are some of the most economical ways to attract mature deer and hold them on your property. What’s more rewarding than harvesting a big buck off the food plot you seeded and grew? Great hunting memories take root from spring to late summer when the land is tilled and the food plot is planted.

Double Nickel food plot mixes provide a wide variety of forage to achieve a healthy herd.

  • Nutrients for good lactation
  • Healthy body size
  • Improved antler growth
  • Natural feeding patterns

Double Nickel Outdoors food plot seed mix is guaranteed fresh for the best germination outcome and guaranteed to be recorded accurately on the bag labels. Double Nickel conducts extensive field research, planting experimental plots with different seed combinations in order to perfect the seed mixes. Quality is always a top priority at Double Nickel Outdoors, because it leads to success for hunters. Preseason preparation and hard work pay off when the opportunity comes to harvest a deer.

Hunters can purchase the seed to plant themselves or rely on the food plot experts at Double Nickel Outdoors if they don’t have the time or equipment necessary for planting. See our Food Plot Services page for more information.

Double Nickel Outdoors is headquartered in Wisconsin, where baiting wildlife is illegal in many regions of the state. More and more, food plots are proving to be a smart alternative to baiting. Food plots are a legal, nutritional, more natural, and economical way to provide food for wildlife.

Food plot seed mix is available at Double Nickel Outdoors convenient online store.

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