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This annual/perennial food plot seed blend will provide an abundant amount of lush foliage that can tolerate frequent grazing. This mixture is high protein and carbohydrate which deer need during the fall breeding season. The large palatable leafy/bulb root mixture is desired by deer in late fall and throughout the winter months. The clovers will return in spring for a green summer plot, keeping the plot covered and frequently grazed until the next fall planting. Borrowed Time is a hardy mix and a good choice for well/moderate drained soils. The clovers come pre-inoculated and ready to plant. The mature bucks won’t be able to help themselves when there is a Borrowed Time plot in the area.


  • 20% Elite Forage Brassica
  • 20% Dwarf Essex Rapeseed
  • 15% Purple Top Turnips
  • 15% Winfred Forage Brassica
  • 10% Kakariki New Zealand White Clover
  • 10% Ladino White Clover
  • 10% 990 Brand Red Clover

Sun Requirement – Full Sun or Partial Sun/Shade

Soil PH – 5.8 - 7.5

Planting Dates – Mid Summer to Early Fall

Planting Depth – 1/8” - 1/4”

Seeding Rate – 9-11lbs/acre

*Soil test is recommended for best results

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