Lucky Tines Seed 25lb bag

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DN Lucky Tines Food Plot Mix is filled with grains, brassica, and legumes. DN Lucky Tines is designed to provide an attractive food source early fall through spring of the following year. When the temperatures become cooler and the archery season is in full swing the deer will have already familiarized themselves with the attractive, nutritional grains and lush greens provided in your DN food plot.


  • 35% Winter Rye
  • 15% Arctic Forage Oats
  • 15% Barley
  • 15% Buckwheat
  • 15% Forage Pea
  • 2.5% Purple Top Turnip
  • 2.5% Dwarf Essex Rapeseed

Sun Requirement – Full Sun/Partial Sun

Soil PH – 5.5 - 7.5

Planting Dates – late Summer, early Fall

Planting Depth – 1/4” – 1/2”

Mature Height – 18"-28"

Seeding Rate – 50 lbs/acre

*Soil test is recommended for best results

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